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Black Friday 29th Nov 2019 is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States and a 'kick Off " for the early Christmas shopping season. Thanksgiving 2019 day is an officially announced bank holiday for state employees, but in some states non-retail employees often take the day after thanksgiving and the following weekend as holidays.
The term Black-Friday originated around 1961 in Philadelphia, USA and the word took a widespread recognition throughout all states by 1975. The day after Thanksgiving celebrations was accentuated by heavy traffic and pedestrian rush with police officials clearly overloaded with such disruptive activities.
Similarly, the retails found it hardly a stimulus for business.
In an attempt to turn the customary "negative " Black Friday concept into a positive shopping one, merchants together with one of the most experienced PR executives launched a rebranding of the term 'Black Friday" and this year's Black Friday Deals 2019 is the event to look for.

Black inks (From the standard accounting practice of using black ink to denote positive values, especially a net income) were to override red ink(From the standard accounting practice of using red ink to denote negative values, especially a net loss)
Thus, campaigns were launched to turn the Friday into a profitable deals day.

Shops and retails offered best Black Friday Deals 2019 for the occasion that nobody dared to overlook. The concept turned into such a craze that people sleep on the doorstep of malls and shopping centers to be the first to benefit from the sales.
Commerces which ran at a loss during the whole year have seen their business flourish during the sales week. The shopping spree have even been extended during the following weekend and cyber monday or until stock runs out.

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Black-Fridays however have been witnesses of many agonizing scenes of violence:
1) A shopper assaulting another shopper
2) A woman threatening to shoot when somebody incepted her breaking the waiting line
3) Store employees overrun by influx of over-excited mops
4) A man trampled over by a crowd of shoppers rushing in the store just as the doors opened.
5) Shooting incidents after being shoved by shoppers
6) 2 people were shot following a dispute over a parking space


Black-Friday Deals 2019 are so sought after that aggressive marketing and promotions campaigns are led by competing stores. Advertising sites often drop hints to shoppers about the promotional prices and the best deals one month in advance(Advertising tip Sites).
Some Big Name retailers claim to have trade secrets and no information transpires out until the D-Day. The claim is backed by the fact that competitors try to slash prices to gain competitive advantages. As a result, retailers have used the take-down system of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) as a means to remove the offending price listings leaked out.
The DMCA allows websites 24 hours to comply with the take-down notice or file a counter notice, careful timing may mitigate the take-down notice. An Internet service provider (ISP) in 2003 brought suit against Best Buy, Kohl's, and Target Corporation, arguing that the take-down notice provisions of the DMCA are unconstitutional. The court dismissed the case, ruling that only the third-party posters of the advertisements, and not the ISP itself, would have standing to sue the retailers.

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Made In China Black Friday Shopping starts from Nov.16th, 2019


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Nowadays, whereby ecommerce is in full swing, shoppers are willing to engage in cross border shopping but the shipping costs and other charges associated with the purchase cause great hurdles thus discouraging the practice.
But nevertheless, BlackFriday Sales remains the most profitable harvest time for stores and other commercial businesses.


There are much speculation about Amazon Black friday 2019 and other online sellers like Best Buy Black Friday 2019 deals.

The length of the shopping season varies each year. It starts on 23rd November to 29 November and has a fixed end on the 24th of December that is, Christmas eve. The year 2013 had the longest shopping season since 2007.

This year's shopping options are expected to be as exciting as the last years. More technology products are expected to have a good discount cover.


So, if you want to buy Christmas gifts ahead of time or simply want to offer yourself the game console you dream of, go for the black friday 2019 special Deals and be happy. Many special promo campaigns will be started to persuade buyers. Those who like online shopping may shop directly from their smart-phones for limited deals but you need to remember that online Cyber Monday is also a few days after Black Friday 2019.

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